We are starting up with promotion of Kupala Night 2016 in Limerick

This year it will take place on June 18th, and we ask you for support. Please Like us, invite the friends and share it, to let the world know !!

Below you can find the link to the Facebook event page, where all the materials, videos, information and of course the most important the schedule will appears very soon.

By the way, I want to remind you that we are collecting a group of volunteers, artists, handicrafts etc, who want to take part in this year’s KP 2016 so boldly join us or our please recommend it to your friends

Last year Kupala Night turnout was about 1,300 people, for which we thank and we look forward to repeat the success this year again !


Kupala Night II – 18th of June, Arthur’s Quay Park

12:00 Opening
12:00 ` Family workshops
Wreaths making
Clay modelling (Adam Sopata)
Fairy tales readings
Traditional dolls making (The Children of Lore)
Slavic Yoga
15:00 Slavic Village (by Sveinald, historical reenactment group)
16:30 Introduction to Slavs and Vikings in medieval history .
16:45 Inscenizations with combat
17:15 The meaning and roots of pagan Midsummer Night
17:30 Combat games for the public .
18:00 Butterflies – latvian folk dance children group
18:30 Nemiers – latvian folk dance adults group
19:00 PIA – polish folk dance group (Ennis)
19:30 Kupala Night Performance – dancing with wreaths
19:45 Dora Gola – solo dance performance
20:00 Quentin Cooper, Peter Parson and Jon O’Connell – live concert
21:00 Harp – mini concert
21:30 Marcin & friends
22:00 Fire performance (RG Allen & Tom Roots)
March to the river

All day: traditional market, food stalls, Bbq, handicrafts, trampolines, face painting and many more.

Admission: free

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