Poznań International Fair, Poland


POLAGRA FOOD, Poznań International Fair. Poland – why is it worth visiting?

POLAGRA FOOD opens new sale directions, creates new opportunities

POLAGRA FOOD is a project of a long tradition which actively follows the changes taking place in the food industry and which is continually open to the needs resulting from the economic and social situation.

Aiming at creating new perspectives for food producers, we are taking actions providing possibilities for foreign merchants to visit the fair. We also create tools and organize special events which are to intensify the dialog and mutual cooperation between our exhibitors and their clients.

We are deeply convinced that such a formula of the food industry’s most important event will again benefit the development of the sector in 2015. Our objective is to provide support in terms of searching for new markets as well as to implement innovations which will meet the needs of customers.

We would like to invite you to take part in the coming edition already today!

Benefits for exhibitors:

the possibility to establish new business with representatives of the domestic market as well as with foreign partners
an opportunity to cooperate with retail chains
an opportunity to present the latest products to more than 65 thousand visitors
an opportunity to verify the offers in terms of their competitiveness and the degree of market acceptability.
Benefits for visitors:

opportunity to explore the comprehensive food industry product range – every year we host the producers and distributors of almost all product groups
opportunity to establish cooperation with foreign representatives of the food industry – exhibitors from Poland and 30 other countries
opportunity to get acquainted with novelties – numerous market premieres on special offers
business formula – a package of benefits for professional visitors.
POLAGRA FOOD fair is also attractive because of the accompanying conferences, training sessions and panel discussions. We offer meetings with a group of experts on new trends in nutrition, marketing challenges faced by the food industry or opportunities in connection with developing new export directions.

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Polish stand on Galway Food Festival

In 2016 and 2017 the Foundation ” Bardzo Ładnie ” focuses its activities on supporting the promotion of Polish culture, art and traditions in Ireland.

Projects on which we work on has been presented and fully accepted by the Polish Embassy in Dublin. The closest that we realize is the Polish stand at the Galway Food Festival, where we present the country and its culinary qualities

Other stands are commercial stands (restaurants , manufacturers, farmers ) Our application has been very warmly accepted by the organizers of the festival, because apart from the culinary values ​​of our stand and DEMO ( cooking show ) will also have an educational value showing the similarities of both cuisines.


” Outstanding Pole ” – Competition

We invite you to submit nominations of outstanding units of the Polish community in Ireland

We hope that the contest ” Outstanding Pole ” met with great interest on the part of the Polish community, and also will have a positive impact on creating a positive image of Poles living in Ireland. We strongly encourage all organizations, associations, clubs and associations Polish community to actively participate in the implementation of the competition.

The competition is organized by Bureau of Polish Promotional Emblem Foundation and the Club of Creative Thinking in Limerick. The competition is under the honorary patronage of the Polish Ambassador in Dublin Richard Sarkowicz.

Submissions of candidates for the regional and national stage can make organizations, associations, unions Polonia operating throughout Ireland until 02.14.2016 year by submitting a set of documents to the following address:


Please visit Polish Embassy in Dublin for more information